The Hollies

Stop stop stop

The Hollies

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Stop stop stop

1. See the girl with cymbals on her fingers, entering through the door.
    Ruby glistening from her navel, shimmering around the floor.
    Bells on feet go ting-a-ling-linging, going through my head.
    Sweat is falling just-a like tear drops, running from her head.  ~
2. Now she’s dancing, going through the movements, 
    swaying to and fro.
    Body moving, bringing back a memory, thoughts of long ago.
    Blood is rushing, temperature is rising, sweating from my brow.
    Like a snake, her body fascinates me, I can’t look away now.
   G                                             A
Stop, stop, stop all the dancing, give me time to breathe.
   G                         A                   - D ~
Stop, stop, stop all the dancing, or I’ll have to leave.
3. Now she’s moving all around the tables, luring all in sight.
    but I know that she cannot see me, hidden by the light.
    Closer, closer, she is getting nearer, soon she’ll be in reach,
    As I enter into a spotlight, she stands lost for speech.
+ CHORUS   + D ~   D ~~     + CHORUS  
4. Now I hold her, people are staring, don’t know what to think,
    and we struggle, knocking over tables, spilling all the drinks.
    Can’t they understand that I want her, happens every week.
    Heavy hand upon my collar, throws me in the street.
+ CHORUS    +  D ...

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