The Glass Child

Black Rose

The Glass Child

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Black Rose


Am            G 
Fell over something 
Hell over nothing 
Down on my knees 
Am            G 
I?ve got a secret 
            F      E 
written in me 

Am               G 
Now you?ve got somebody 
lying next to you 
Does she feel like me? 

Am            G 
Finger tips running 
Eyes over darkness 
Keep it, you?ll see 

              Am                          G 
That you can push a little few steps too far 
               F          E 
I know in the dark, it?s hard to see 
Am                        G 
But man, you?ve done me wrong 
                F         E 
I?ve been so patiently waiting 

Am F G G Tell me are you coming back? Am G C G I?m slowly turning into someone I never would want you to see me as Am F G G The lady dressed black Am G C G Smoking at the bar in the back, watching the teenage show Am G F Maybe I got my life back tonight E E Keep it a secret, boy, My man took a leave on me Am G F E My man is out there running free
Verse Am G F Lazy excuses, hiding my bruises, E Tearing the seams, I?m torn Am G F E I hate that I need you, I just can?t leave you Am G But you?ve got somebody F thinking I can?t see E how you?re slipping away from me Am G E Baby don?t do this, I don?t want nobody else, E You were always gonna be the end of me Outro Dm C G And every time you left me waiting I always knew you?d never come back Am G F F home still I wait up Dm Dm C I?m drinking you away, a bottle every day, I got it bad bad boy G I think I?m going crazy Am G F F But what?s so bad with that E E E E I guess that she could love you more, My man took a leave on me

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