The Fugees

killing me softly ( ver 2 )

The Fugees

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by  LI-ZE

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killing me softly ( ver 2 )

Year: 2002 -

(Charles Fox)

Em7                         Am7  
strumming my pain with his fingers  
D7                        G  
singing my life with his words   
Em7                      A/C#  
killing me softly with his song  
            D           C  
killing me softly with his song  
           G                 C  
telling my whole life whith his words   
           F                E  
killing me softly with his song  
verse 1:  
Am7         D7  
i heard he sang a good song  
G           C  
i heard he had a style  
Am7       D7  
and so i came to see him   
and listen for a while  
Am7            D7  
and there he was this young boy  
G           B7  
a stranger to my eyes  
verse 2:  
Am7          D7  
i felt all flushed with fever  
G           C  
embarrassed by the crowd  
Am         D7  
i felt he found my letters   
and read each one out loud  
Am7            D7  
i prayed that he would finish  
G            B7  
but he just kept right on  
verse 3:  
Am7         D7  
he sang as if he knew me  
G           C  
and all my dark despair  
Am          D7  
and then he looked right through me  
as if i wasn't there  
Am7          D7  
and he just kept on singing  
G         B7  
singing clear and strong  
here are some tips:  
1. in the end of the Chorus you can play sometimes  
Esus4 and then E  
2. in the third line of any verse you can play D4 and   
then D  
that's really a good song. enjoy!  
for comments or advices: [email protected]  
o.k i don't know if it's exactly like the song  
but it really sounds good.  


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