The Fratellis


The Fratellis

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Year: 2008 - Album: Here We Stand

Baby doll 
         D/F#                    Em7    
Do you believe they'll catch you when you fall? 
         Am7                             D      C D 
And when morning comes, the sun is gonna shine 
Don't forget 
           D/F#                Em7 
Your minor keys, your half-lit cigarette 
            Am7                                     D 
'Cause when morning comes, God knows that you'll be mine 
   C   D     G  B7 
So let me in 
             Em7        D           C 
I'm ready to beg and to sing for my sins 
                Em7             D     C 
Not leave it to chance, a sweet coincidence 
Well that's just crazy 
                  D    C D 
And you know it's true 
          G  D/F#      Em7 
Well they said you was long gone 
Bm                 C 
I just laughed and said 
     G            C          D 
"All right, bring her home tonight" 
      G             D/F#       Em7 
And I heard you was graciously put on 
Bm                 C 
I just laughed and said 
      G      C            D      C D 
"Good night, guess it's alright" 

Baby doll 
            D/F#              Em7 
The men who hang like flowers in your hall 
    Am7                            D     C D 
Are asking when your love is gonna show 
And who knows why 
             D/F#             Em7 
The love you need will always pass you by? 
Well I heard it's true 
Your love is gonna grow 
   C   D  G 
So let me know 
B7                    Em7   D     C 
'Cause I can stay, or honey I can go 
        Em7          D       C 
Just to wherever you tell me so 
I'll find my place there 
               D     C D 
And there I'll stay 

     G  D/F#           Em7 
Well they said you was burned out 
Bm                 C 
I just laughed and said 
       G            C                 D 
"Come on, she's not burnt, she's just gone" 
       G           D/F#        Em7 
And it took me too long 'til I found out 
Bm             C        G        C      D 
Faces that you know the best, oh well I guess 
         G                D/F#         Em7 
And they laughed when you said you was leaving 
Bm        C         G                C             D 
Everybody knows you well, except for me, can't you tell? 
        G             D/F#         Em7 
And you once from the wings of the late show 
Bm            C        G        C      D    C D 
Roses by your feet all red, for me you said 

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(G D/F# Em7 Am7 D C D) Baby doll, Baby doll, Baby doll, Baby doll... e|---3--5--7--5--3--2----|--3--5--7--5--3--2----|--3--5--7--5--3--2--- B|---------------------5-|--------------------5-|--------------------3 G|-----------------------|----------------------|--------------------- D|-----------------------|----------------------|--------------------- A|-----------------------|----------------------|--------------------- E|-----------------------|----------------------|--------------------- (G D/F# Em7 Am7 D C D) 3x e|------------- B|---3--0--1--3 G|------------- D|------------- A|------------- E|------------- 4x e|-0--2--3--0 B|----------- G|----------- D|----------- A|----------- E|----------- 8x que eu contei. e|----------- B|----------- G|-2--4--5--2 D|----------- A|----------- E|-----------

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