The Dubliners

Mcalpines Fusiliers

The Dubliners

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Mcalpines Fusiliers

Written by Traditional

     A                   D                      A       E       A      
All down the glen came McAlpines men with their shovels slung behind them 
A                          D 
'Twas in the pub that they drank their sup and up in the spike you'll find them 
     A                      D 
They sweated blood and they washed down mud with pints and quarts of beer 
    A                D                 A        E     A    
And now we're on the road again with McAlpine's Fusiliers 

  A                         D                A             E       A      
I stripped to the skin with Darkie Flynn way down upon the Isle of Grain 
With the horsefaced Toole, 'cos I knew the rule, no money if you stopped for rain. 
  A                  D 
McAlpine's God was a well filled hod, your shoulders cut to bits and seared, 
    A             D                           A        E     A    
And woe to he who went to look for tea with McAlpine's Fusiliers 

    A                   D                 A     E        A      
I remember the day that Bear O'Shea fell into a concrete stairs. 
A                           D 
What Horseface said when he saw him dead well it wasn't what the rich called prayers. 
      A                   D 
I'm a navvy short was the one retort that reached unto my ears 
         A                       D                    A        E     A    
When the going is rough well you must be tough with McAlpine's Fusiliers 

Instrumental Break: 

A   D   A  E  A 
A       D 
A       D 
A   D   A  E  A 

     A                         D                  A        E         A      
I've worked 'til the sweat has had'n me bet, with Russian, Czech and Pole. 
A                            D 
On shuddering jams up at the hydro dams or underneath the Thames in a hole. 
     A                        D 
I've grabbed it hard and I've got me cards and many a ganger's fist across me ears. 
       A                     D                      A        E     A    
If you pride your life don't join by Christ, with McAlpine's Fusiliers 

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