The Districts


The Districts

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Intro ---------------7---| ---5---7---8---7---| ---6---6---6---6---| ---7---7---7---7---| x2 -------------------| -------------------| Gmaj7 as played in song ---2---| ---0---| ---0---| ---0---| -------| -------|
Bm A Gmaj7 I don't want to sing about the peaches in the Vatican D And I don't want to hear about the bird on the hill Gmaj7 And why you want to fight when you know that I'll be gone again? D A I don't want to write God's name into my will Gmaj7 Aren't you scared of making what'll become empty promises Bm A Gmaj7 And aren't you busy worrying that the rainbows might depart? Bm A Gmaj7 And are you still now wishing that your eyes could see all rose again? D A Well I won't be throwing out all these memories and thoughts (A) Amaj7 F#m Winter dreams and roses A Amaj7 F#m Peeling tangerines A Amaj7 F#m Live so long it's like nothing's blooming; it's all grey A Amaj7 F#m Throw the trash away Bm A Gmaj7 I remember evenings when the days were busy spinning 'round D When we'd crack mothers backs just by walking the street Gmaj7 Now I'm sore and aching for the clock to fall past twelve again D A In sleep I'm free from seeing who I've turned out to be Gmaj7 I'm young but I can't shake this feeling all my days are dwindling Bm A Gmaj7 That deep beneath facades and smiles is nothing much to hold Bm A Gmaj7 And when we used to run my eyes would fill with all that's glittering D A But deep beneath this shimmer I feel nothing may be gold (A) Amaj7 F#m Winter dreams and roses A Amaj7 F#m Peeling tangerines A Amaj7 F#m Live so long it's like nothing's blooming; it's estranged A Amaj7 F#m Throw the trash away (Repeat Intro Riff)
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Solo --------------------------------| --------------------------------| --------------------------------| ------7--5--4-2-4-4-------------| ---0----------------------------| --------------------------------| --------------------------------| --------------------------------| --------------------------------| ------7--5--4-2-4-4----0--------| ---0----------------------4--2--| --------------------------------| --------------------------------| --------------------------------| --------------------------------| ------7--5--4-2-4-4-------------| ---0----------------------------| --------------------------------| --------------------------------| --------------------------------| --------------------------------| ------7--5--4-2-9-9-------------| ---0----------------------------| --------------------------------|

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