The Bellamy Brothers

You're My Favorite Star

The Bellamy Brothers

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You're My Favorite Star

	  		Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
[email protected]  
Intro:  A  D  E  D  A 
       A                   E              D                A 
Well I go to the movies, I watch TV and I listen to the radio 
      E                          D        D/C#    D/B  A 
Cause I like all them superstars show-biz thrills me   so 
      A                 E                D                      A 
Yes Sofia Loren gets me shaky within and Elvis is a pleasure to hear 
E                                          D     D/C#  D/B  A 
But guess who's at the top of the list and in my heart so   dear 
A                  D 
You're my favorite star 
E                                 D                  A 
Even though the rest of the world don't know who you are 
A                  D 
You're my favorite star 
        E                      D                  D     D/C# D/B  A 
And the way we're making sweet love tonight, it's gonna take us   far 
They got sexy girls all over the world like Farrah and Bridget Bardow 
If you come along and steal my heart, and I just let 'em go 
We got country singers with the golden fingers but way down deep inside 
I'm begging Dolly Parton if I'm hurtin' Charley's pride. 
Spanish verse: 
Tu vas a briar. Como un estrella en el cielo 
Me vas a illuminar 
Repeat last two lines of Chorus, then fade 


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