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In A Station

The Band

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In A Station

Written by Richard Manuel

	  		C          Em                         F            Dm 
 Once I walked through the halls of a station   
G                                  C7 
 Someone called your name   
C        Em                F          Dm 
 In the street I heard children laughing   
G                            C7 
 They all sound the same 
C                                     F 
 Wonder, could you ever know me   
C                                    G 
 Know the reason why I live 
C                                       F 
 Is there nothing you can show me   
Eb                   F/G     C 
Life seems so little to give  

Once I climbed up the face of a mountain   
And ate the wild fruit there   
Fell asleep until the moonlight woke me   
And I could taste your hair 
Isn't everybody dreaming! 
Then the voice I hear is real   
Out of all the idle scheming   
Can't we have something to feel 

Once upon a time leaves me empty 
Tomorrow never comes   
I could sing the sound of your laughter   
Still I don't know your name 
Must be some way to repay you   
Out of all the good you gave   
If a rumour should delay you   
Love seems so little to save 


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