Testemunhas de Jeová

If You Could See What I See

Testemunhas de Jeová

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If You Could See What I See

D           A      D 
I'm just a cart, 
            G       (A)       D 
Made up of bits and pieces. 
           G     (A)          D      A       F# 
A frame, a handle and some wheels. 
           C# F#            C#      G#       F# 
But I'm a cart that helps to give a witness. 
What is that like? 
        C#               A 
Let me tell you how it feels. 

   D                   G 
If you could see, what I see 
              D              G            A 
If you could visit all the places that I go. 
    Em                 A 
If you could see, the people there 
            G             Em           A 
And get a glimpse of all faces that I get to know. 
    D                   G 
If you could hear, what I hear, 
                D                   G               A 
When they see things thay've never had a chance to see. 
         Em                A 
That's when you'll see how it can be 
        G               A      D 
That forever they'll remember me. 

            G              D 
I've got wheels, I've got racks,  
          G                   D 
I've got books, and I've got tracks. 
   Em               G             A 
I take the Kingdom message everywhere. 
          F#m            G 
When the crouds pass me by,  
      F#m                   G 
I'm designed to catch their eye 
    Em           F#m              G 
Wherever people gather, count on me 
'cause I'll be there. 

    D                 G 
If you could do, what I do 
                 D                              A 
You'd know that happiness that always fills my heart. 
        Em            G 
What a feeling to go weeling! 
         A           G              D 
I'm so glad to be a public witness cart. 

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