Tenacious D

To Be The Best

Tenacious D

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To Be The Best

To be the best We got to pass the test 
We gotta make it all the way 
A5                E5                    A5   
To the top of the mountain We can do it again! 
To feel the high We got to learn to fly 
We got to take it to the sky 
A5                 E5                            A5 
On the wings of an eagle! You`re the best in the world! 
A5                       G5 
You are the best but you say you don`t know 
A5                          G5  
You got the touch, now come on let it show 
A5                         G5                    F5   
You call the shots But you know that you gots to believe in 
E5                               G5 
The things that you're dreaming, Your search for the meaning 
D5                 F5  
Is very Revealing, The power of Healing 
C5                      B5                       E5  
Is what you're feeling, You gotta belieeeeeeeeeeeve 
That you`re smply the best! 

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chords Tenacious D - To Be The Best
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