Tenacious D


Tenacious D

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this is a song based on 4 chords..... D C9 G Em   

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D dio has rocked for a long long time e-----3p2----0h2------- b---------3------------ g----------2-----------
Em now its time for him to pass the torch D he has song of wilderbeasts and danger C G he has soared on the the wings of a deamon D its time to pass the torch C G youre to old to rock, no more rockin' for you D C were taking you to a home G but we will sing a song about you Em D and we will make sure that youre very well takin' care of Em youll tell us the secrets that youve learned D C G (go) youre sauce will mix with ours D C G and will make a good goolash baby D C G D Em dio time ta go, you must give youre cape and throne to me D C G and a smaller one for K.G end ::: DIO YOU KNOW OH DIO TIME TA GO

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