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Key:  Em More
Prisms Key BmBm
Prisms Key CmCm
Prisms Key C#mC#m
Prisms Key DmDm(one step down)
Prisms Key D#mD#m(half step down)
Prisms Key EmEm(original key)
Prisms Key FmFm(half step up)
Prisms Key F#mF#m(one step up)
Prisms Key GmGm
Prisms Key G#mG#m
Prisms Key AmAm
Prisms Key A#mA#m


Em B7 Dm C x2 

B7 Em x2  

F#7 (see below for finger placement) B7 

verse 1 0:32 
Em                     B7 
Formulations turn in decay 
     Dm                  C 
With prisms in our eyes, praying with the wise men 
Em             B7 
As the miss is free 
   Dm                  C 
It wanders in my mind, never to be blind and 

Chorus 0:49 
B7       Em               B7 
When you know the time is right 
   Em                 F#7   B7       
To share your queries of the day 

Instrumental BREAK 1:01 

Em A Em B x2 

Em C Am B x2 

Em A Em B x2 

verse 2 1:25 
Em                  B7 
Destinations of the day 
Dm                    C 
Often we're reminded, who will leave the blinded 
Em            B7 
To a point of view 
Dm                   C 
Triangles of light, above us in the sky turn 

Chorus 1:42 
B7        Em 
Grey with your reflection  
B7     Em              F#7   B7 
Fade into your queries of the day 

verse 3 1:54 
Em                     B7 
Talking spirit in this time 
    Dm                        C 
The doubt you had in mind was never to be questioned 
Em                B7 
Like the signs of life 
Dm                   C  
Never too deceiving, watch until the sky turns 

Chorus 2:10 
B7        Em 
Grey With your reflection  
B7     Em              F#7   B7 
Fade into your queries of the day 

OUTRO (same chords as the Instrumental break, end on Em) 

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Half key step upHalf key step up
Half key step downHalf key step down
Full key step downFull key step down
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