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Bass riff: B5 G|----------------| D|-----9-------7--| Every B5, F#5 or E5 A|----------------| is played in this rhythm E|-7--7-7--7--7-7-|
verse 1 B5 People staring at discover Feeble friends and their brothers F#5 B5 Make the child in you come out B5 Tempting voice with another Heartfelt tale from the gutter F#5 B5 Potions in your blood run wild
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E D A E G D A E e|----------------------7----------9----7----| B|-9----7----10---9-----10^--9-----12^--10^--| Guitar riff G|-11^--9^---12^--11^--------11^-------------| played throughout D|-------------------------------------------| the Chorus A|-------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------|
E D Visions of you A E Make the vision of me seem G D A E So in touch only to see B5
verse 2 B5 When will she be a mother Soon said tales from the gutter F#5 B5 Potions in your blood dry out B5 Moths pass then she bails Falling over the buckle F#5 Boy with no real lies moves out
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MAIN GUITAR RIFF B F#m (A) e|-11------------------------------------------------| B|------1412-11-----11-------------------14----------|\ G|-------------13-11--------11--13--14-----14-1311---| \ D|----------------------13---------------------------| 4x A|---------------------------------------------------| / E|---------------------------------------------------|/
verse 3 B5 Now she lives by a river Streaming thoughts carry with her F#5 Child in fall her child runs out B5 Point of wealth by the crescent She becomes a thief far to benefit the system F#5 E Poisons from before fly out Then you will feel it INTERLUDE: E D B Future's changed E D B You just change
E D Visions of you A E Make the vision of me seem G D A E So in touch only to see
MAIN GUITAR RIFF 4x Bridge: F#m G Call from the mountaintop E Em F# What you desire from me D E You never need, you never needed anyone MAIN GUITAR RIFF 4x _______________________________________ ^= full bend

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