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American Pie 2 (scumbag - Green Day) Chords

Temas Variados

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by Mentalize

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American Pie 2 (scumbag - Green Day)


(E5 B5) 
You come around every now and then 
Your clothes are different but you're still the same 
Why else would you come here? 
Scumbag on a mission 

(E5 B5) 
You're telling me that it's been awhile 
Shitting your greed and a brand new lie 
Somebody let you come here 
Scumbag with permission 

G#5                                                  E5 
Never thought I'd see the likes of you around this place 
G#5                                 F#5 
What's the special occasion did you run out of friends 

(E5 B5) 
Here you are coming around again 
And things are different but you still pretend 
You've got a reason to come here 
Scumbag with ambition 

(E5 B5) 
And now you're telling me that things have changed 
And you'll be leaving in a couple days 
You're gonan change the world someday 
Scumbag with a vision 

G#5        					E 
It must be nice to know you got it all figured out 
But from where I'm sitting 
It's the same thing again and again 

Solo (E B5) E 

G#5        					 E 
You never stop to think before you open up your mouth 
'Cause everytime you do 
It's the same thing again and again 

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