Teenage Fanclub

The Shadows

Teenage Fanclub



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The Shadows

	  		"The Shadows" 

{Intro}:  C  G  C  Em  (x2)    C  G 

There was a shadow over you 
Am           D               Em         C  G 
You said you couldn't see it through 
And there were demons in your head 
Am            D                 Em 
They tried to tell you you were dead. 

C G C Em  (x2)  C G 

That's when I stepped into the frame 
Am           D              Em 
Things never have to be the same 
G                         Em 
I think we're going to be okay 
Am            D              Em 
We're getting stronger every day 

C G C Em  (x2) 

{Solo over verse progression} 

C G C Em  (x4)   C G 

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