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Pet Rock Chords

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Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by Daniel%5FWeezer

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Pet Rock

  		"Pet Rock"  (Gerard Love) 
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{Part I}: {Part II}: B E B A E B |--7---77-------7-|- |--5---55-------7-|- |--7---77-----x-7-|- |--5---55-----x-7-|- |--8---88-7h9-x-8-|- |--6---66-7h9-x-8-|- |--9---99-7h9-x-9-|- |--7---77-7h9-x-9-|- |--9---99-7---x-9-|- |--7---77-7---x-9-|- |--7---77-----x-7-|- |--5---55-----x-7-|-
{Intro}: I I II I (x4) F# A I (x2) I'll never pass this way again F# A I (x2) I'll never pass this way again A G#m When you smile oh little girl A G#m Sends me wild F#m Never pass this way A But I do know you exist. {Instrumental}: B A B (repeat) ( I I II I )

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