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He's Be A Diamond Chords

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Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by Daniel%5FWeezer

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He's Be A Diamond

Capo on 1st fret

 A    D (x8) 
           A                     D 
 When the tape runs out 
                 A               D 
 the music keeps playing 
          A                      D 
 When the walls come down 
                    E         Esus4         E 
 It's still hard to cross the line 
          A                      D 
 When his love has gone  
                  A              D               
 he says he still needs her 
        A        Bm      E   
 and he wants to let you know 
            F#m     Bm        D 
 that if he had his chance again 
           E                  A        D(x4)      
 He'd be a diamond 
          A                   D 
 When you dry your eyes  
                    A         D 
 your tears keep on falling 
          A                   D 
 When you blow your nose 
                       E      Esus4    E 
 it still gets blocked up and runs 
                 A                     D      
 and thought you feel like shit 
                  A                    D 
 He says you look beautiful 
        A         Bm      E                       
 and he swears by old the saints 
            F#m     Bm         D         
 that if he had his chances again  
           E                   A        D(x2)      
 he'd be a diamond 
 Is he lying to get what he wants 
            A            D          A    D 
 or does he mean it this time 
 Is he running  out of affection 
     A       D         
 and felling tough 
     A       D 
 and lying more 
          Bm      D       E                                 
 and with nothing else to shout 
          A                   D 
 will you turn your back 
                  A           D 
 since he walks behind you  
          A                   D 
 when you start a fresh 
                    E     Esus4    E      
 you still have the taste going by 
        A                 D 
 When a heart is broken 
                   A                D 
 it still  goes on pumping 
        A       Bm        E     
 and he told me just last night 
            F#m     Bm        D  
 that if he had his chance again 
           E                  A     D(x8) 
 he'd be a diamond 

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