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Free Again

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Free Again

	  		"Free Again" (Alex Chilton) 

( little solo guitar piece) 


               A                       D    
Well I'm free again, to do what i wanna do 
E                        A 
free again, to sing my song again 
A                       D 
free again, to air my longing, 
                    E                 D                  A  
and to be out on my own again 

           A                                D 
Well I had me a girl, but she couldn't understand 
E                                       A 
Me and my ways, and my need to be around 
A                                        D 
Left her today, took my life in my hands 
         E            D                A 
And now i'm free again 

( Chorus) 

           A                                     D 
Well I made a mistake, and thought i could turnaround, 
E                                        A 
Thought i could take, a leash on my neck, around 
A                                             D 
Now I'm gonna make, my way to another 
           E                        D                        E 
Til my feet are back on the ground 


( Chorus again, but in different key) 

D                       G 
Free again, to do what i wanna do, 
A                       D 
Free again, to sing my song again, 
D                        G 
Free again, to air my longing 
               A                 G                 D 
to be out on my own again 

(New Chorus chorse with sax/guitar solo) 

( slow down to half tempo on last three chords) 

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