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Nothing is sound 

Verse 1: 
C                              D/F#                         C 
Daisy, give yourself away/ Lookup at the rain 
                      D/F#           Bbm           F 
The beautiful display/ Of power and surrender 
                G#                                         C 
Giving us today/ And she gives herself away 

Verse 2: 
Rain, another rainy day/ Comes up from the ocean 
Give herself away/ She comes down easy 
On rich and debt the same/ And she gives herself away 

C      A#                     F 
Let it go/ Daisy, Let it go 
                       G#                  G 
Open up your fist/ This fallen world 
                             D/F#                                     Bbm 
Doesn't hold your interest/ It doesn't hold your soul 
 F               C 
Daisy, let it go 

Verse 3: 
Pain, give yourself a name/ Call yourself contrition 
Avarice of blame/ Giving isn't easy 
Neither is the rain/ When she gives herself away 

Verse 4: 
Daisy, why another day?/ Why another sunrise 
Who will take the blame/ For all redemptive motion 
And every rainy day/ When he gives himself away 


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