Susan Boyle

I Dreamed A Dream

Susan Boyle

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I Dreamed A Dream

	  		Intro:  C    C/B    Am    Am/G     F    G      C               

                          C7M  Am  Am7 F                 F7                   Dm7    G7  C   
I dreamed a dream in time gone by,         when hope was high, and life worth living,       
                          C7M   Am  Am7  F                F7              Dm7       G7   C 
I dreamed that love would never die,       I dreamed that God would be forgiving. 

                     C7M  Am   Am7  F                   F7                Dm7       G7   C  
Then I was young and una-fraid,         and dreams were made and used and wasted, 
                       C7M Am7   Am  F            F7              Dm7      G   A 
There was no ransom to be  paid,        no song unsung, no wine untasted 

                       Dm     A             A7             D         G 
But the tigers come at night,    with their voices soft as thunder, 
                       Cm    G                              C   Dm  Em F  G  C        
As they tear your hope apart,   and they turn your dream to 

                     C7M Am   Am7  F              F7                Dm7       G7   C 
He slept a summer by my  side,       he filled my days with endless wonder, 
                        C7M  Am7    Am  F            Asus             G   C  G  Gm A  D 
He took my childhood in his stride,       but he was gone when autumn 

            D7                  Bm7  Bm  G               G7               Em7       A    D 
And still I dream he'll come to me,         that we will live the years together, 
              D7                 Bm7  Bm G 
But there are dreams that cannot be; 
              G7               Em7       A  D  D7  Bm7 
And there are storms we cannot weather. 

        Bm                  G   G7  Em7              A                  D 
I had a dream my life would be,         so different from this hell I'm living, 
             D7               Bm7      Bm   G               A                  D                  
So different now from what it seemed,          now life has killed the dream I dreamed. 


D   Bm7   Bm   G   A   D 

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