Sunrise Avenue

Only (acoustic)

Sunrise Avenue

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Only (acoustic)

Capo on 1st fret



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Intro: E|------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------| B|-------3----------|-------3----------|-------3----------|-------3----------|-------3----------| G|-----0-----0---0--|-----0-----0---0--|-----0-----0---0--|-----0-----0---0--|-----0-----0---0--| D|---4---------4----|---4---------4----|---4---------4----|---4---------4----|---4---------4----| A|------------------|------------------|-3----------------|-3----------------|------------------| E|-0----------------|-0----------------|------------------|------------------|-0----------------| E|------------------|------------------|-------0----------| B|-------3----------|-------3----------|-----------3------| G|-----0-----0---0--|-----0-----0---0--|-----0---------0--| D|---4---------4----|---4---------4----|---4---------4----| A|------------------|-3----------------|-3----------------| E|-0----------------|------------------|------------------|
This is also played in the verse Pre-Chorus D G C7 I'll be cool 'though it gets colder and colder D G C7 I'll be fine cause it's not over
Em C Cause my dreams are all blind D G D They take me back to our time Em C D And make you be mine only Em C Let me leave tears behind D G D I dry them only for you Em C D And make you be mine only

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