Sunrise Avenue

Forever Yours

Sunrise Avenue

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Forever Yours

Am   F/A   C   G/B   (2 times) 

Verse 1 
There are times  
         F/A                      C       G/B
I can leave my heart wide open 
There are days 
      F/A                            C        G/B
I believe I can heal wounds on me 
There are times  
           F/A                    C 
I could come to you and hurt you 
           G/B                   A/m 
I could easily bring your tears 
           F/A                      C             G/B    
I could send you to hell, I know you 

Am         E                      F 
       I will find something more 
             G                C 
Someone I am made for 
           C7        F/A 
Shame on you baby,  
Fm/Ab    E    Am 
Fore-------ver   yours (2 times) 

Verse 2 
You were mine 
      F/A                 C             G/B  
and I was yours for one night 
You were mine 
              F/A                   C          G/B  
and there is no one who's like me 
These screams  
        F/A                       C 
they wake me up in the night 
          G/B                Am 
They violently fill my room 
         F/A                      C 
They keep me awake, I hate you 

(4 times) 

Conclusion like Intro 

The C7 chord in the Chorus ist originally a C7/Bb 
Have fun with this song! 
If there is something to correct, please tell me: [email protected] 

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