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A Blossom Fell Chords

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A Blossom Fell

(Howard Barnes, Harold Cornelius and Dominic John)

  		Intro: Em7 Cdim G/B A7 D 

   A7     D6        Cdim   Em7   A7 
A blossom fell from off a tree 
            Em7          A7       A7/13-     D 
It settled softly on the lips you turned to me 
             D9     Fdim    Em7    A7 
The gypsies say, and I know why 
          Em7            A7     A7M       D6     Cdim A7 
A falling blossom only touches lips that lie 
  A7/13-   D6        Cdim  Em7  A7 
A blossom fell, and very soon 
  Em7     A7      G/B     A7    A7/13-       D    D7M  D7 
I saw you kissing someone new beneath the moon 
  D7/13-        G        Gm      Gdim     D             
I thought you loved me;    you said you loved me 
             Em7    A7   Fdim     D 
We planned together   to dream forever 
    D7/13-      Em7    G/B     Gdim        D    Fdim 
The dream has ended,     for true love died 
             Em7         Cdim         G/B             A7         D 
The night a blossom fell and touched two lips that lied 

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