Sturgill Simpson

Welcome To Earth Pollywog

Sturgill Simpson

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Welcome To Earth Pollywog

D         F#m             D 
Hello, my son, welcome to earth 
D                 F#m                          D 
You may not be my last but you'll always be my first 
A                      G                 Bm                        A 
Wish I'd done this ten years ago but how could I know, how could I know 
                       D   F#m  G  A D 
That the answer was so easy 
G                  A                            D     G 
I've been told you measure a man by how much he loves 
       G                         D                      G                   A  
When I hold you, I treasure each moment I spend on this earth, under heave above 
Gm                      D             Bm 
Grandfather always said God's a fisherman 
    G     A               D  
And now I know the reason why 

            D                      Bm 
And if some times daddy has to go away 
             D                      Bm   
Please don't think it means I don't love you 
          D                           Bm  
Oh, how I wish I could be there everyday 
               D                           Bm 
Cause when I'm gone it makes me so sad and blue 
            D                                  Bm 
And holding you is the greatest love I've ever known 
When I get home it breaks my heart 
G                                        A     D  Bm  D  Bm 
Seeing how much you've grown all on your own 

D           Bm           D               Bm 
Hearing you cry makes me cry, it made me cry 
           A                     Bm 
Hearing me cry A thousand miles away 
      D                            Bm 
Every cry (greatest love I've ever known)  

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