Sturgill Simpson

Just Let Go

Sturgill Simpson

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Just Let Go

Capo on 2nd fret


A                 D                  A  
Woke up today and decided to kill my ego 
F#m            D             A  
Its never done me no good no how 
A                       D                A 
Gonna break through and blast off to the Bardo 
A                           E                      A   
In the flowers of light far away from the here and now 

A           D             A    
Taking a 49 divine day vacation 
      F#m        D             A  
From reality and all else in between 
      A            D           A 
Gonna transmigrate to my destination 
A                     E       A  
Far beyond time in an eternal dream 

          E               A  
But am I dreaming or am I dying 
F#m           D            E 
Either way I don't mind at all 
       F#m               A                   D  
But it feels so good you just can't help but crying 
       A                     E        A  
Oh You have to let go so the soul may fall    

Bridge:   A  F#m  D  A 

     E              A 
Oh my God it's so beautiful 
     E                A 
Everything is a part of me 
        F#m                          D            A   
It's so hard looking through all the lies made of wool 
           A                  E                  A 
But if you close your eyes it becomes so easy to see  

Great Song Great Artist.....enjoy 

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