Stuart Townsend

Come All You Vagabonds

Stuart Townsend

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Come All You Vagabonds

verse 1 

D                   Dsus4 
Come all you vagabonds,  
D                   Dsus4  
come all you 'don't belongs'  
D               Dsus4  
winners and losers,  
D                   A   
come, people like me.  
A                 Asus4 
Come all you travellers  
A                Asus4  
tired from the journey,  
A                  Asus4 
come wait a while, stay a while,  
A                      D     Dsus4    D    Dsus4  
welcome you'll be.  

verse 2 
D                   Dsus4 
Come all you questioners,  
D                Dsus4  
looking for answers  
D                      Dsus4  
and searching for reasons  
D                A 
and sense in it all;  
A                    Asus4 
Come all you fallen,  
A                       Asus4 
and come all you broken,  
A                         Asus4  
find strength for your body  
A                     D 
and food for your soul.  

G D Come to the feast, A D there is room at the table. G D A Come let us meet in this place G D with the King of all kindness F#7/A# Bm who welcomes us in Em D/F# with the wonder of love, A Bm and the power of grace, Em D/F# the wonder of the love, A D Dsus4 D Dsus4 and the power of grace.
verse 3 D Dsus4 Come those who worry D Dsus4 'bout houses and money D Dsus4 and all those who don't have D A a care in the world; A Asus4 from every station A Asus4 and orientation, A Asus4 the helpless, the hopeless, A D Dsus4 D Dsus4 the young and the old. verse 4 D Dsus4 Come all believers D Dsus4 and dreamers and schemers, D Dsus4 come all you restless D A just searching for home; A Asus4 movers and shakers A Asus4 and givers and takers, A Asus4 the happy, the sad A D and the lost and alone. Verse 5 D Dsus4 Come self-sufficient D Dsus4 with wearied ambition, D Dsus4 and come those who feel D A at the end of the road. A Asus4 Fervent debaters A Asus4 and religion haters, A Asus4 accusers, confusers, A D the hurt and ignored.

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