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In God We Trust Chords


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by ggkson

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In God We Trust

Year: 1988 - Album: 7: The Best of Stryper

  		Intro:  F#m E  D  C#  A  B  E  Fdim F#m A  E  D  C#m 
  F#m                   E         D                C#m 
  it`s been said money talks if so, what does it say? 
                E       Fdim      F#m    
  four simple words we see every day   
  F#m                  E     D                    C#m A B 
  the rich, the poor heaven is for those who choose 
                  E         Fdim       F#m E A   E   D  C#m 
  don`t put your trust in money you lose (again and again) 
F#m            E               D                      A    E           
  in God we trust, in Him we must believe (he is the only way) 
      F#m      E               D       E                     Fdim 
  in God we trust, his son we must receive (tomorrow is too late,  
  accept Him today) 
repeat Chorus 
  Obs: o solo e o fim so a mesma base

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