Stone Sour

The Travelers (part 1)

Stone Sour

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The Travelers (part 1)

Capo on 1st fret

Intro: Dm/A

I think Im happy
 Mostly happy
 On a green autumn day
 Im walking lazy
 Barely moving
 Settle out and fade away

 C                                     Bb
 Seems a life is something more than a journey with no end
  C                              Bb
 I just want to lose it all and find myself again
     C     Bb       C     Bb
 Im on my own. Im on my own.

                   Bb                       C
 I dont need a conscience to tell me how I feel
                    Bb                           C
 I dont need these weary eyes to focus on what to conceal
                  Bb                    C
 I dont need anybody to tell me who I am
               Bb                C
 Blame it on a broken heart, Im falling apart again


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