Steven Wilson

Deform To Form A Star Chords

Steven Wilson

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by Haydenj123

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Deform To Form A Star

  		Intro: Am, E, F, G, D,  E  (2x)  

verse 1: 
Oh once in a while 
I learn how to smile 
F          G                  D        E 
Horses shadows, and rain on stone 

No God here I'm sure 
This must be the cure 
      F        G                D          E 
For all this carrion, and aimless drift 

Retreat from the begging 
And invites to the wedding 
F     G                 D         E 
Revelation means nothing here  

In time we forget our 
Need to devour 
F            G            D          E 
All those stories, of tortured souls 

A Em Crawl into your arms A Em Become the night forever F Coiled and closed G The moment froze A Em Deform to form a star A Em Here on Earth together F G D E I've got time to share and a well used stare
Instrumental: Am, E, F, G, D, E (2x) verse 2: Am This smile isn't pure E Certain or sure F G D E Cold precision, was never there Am The way we uncoil E And return to the soil F G D E Flaws are everything, and chaos reigns Chorus End

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