Steve Poltz

Song For Hawk (acoustic)

Steve Poltz

chords Intermediate intermediate


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Song For Hawk (acoustic)

Capo on 1st fret


verse 1 
E                                       G# 
strolling across the pastures and beyond 
A                       B 
one ol cowboy sings his song 
E                                 G# 
through the ashes clouds and grain 
A                               B 
hear the lonely whistle of that train 

A E faded postcards and the memories B E all the telegrams that these old eyes can read A E wild horses in the full moon tides B what a lovely ride A for a hawk that glides E what a lovely ride
verse 2 south dakota summer rains cool the buffalo out on the plains and as he rides into the night the silhouettes are dancing by the firelight Chorus verse 3 well his work is never done and he rises each day with the timing of the sun its getting harder now to ride but his body keeps on moving and like a hawk he glides Chorus

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