Steve Poltz

Abcs Of Love

Steve Poltz

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Abcs Of Love

E     A E 
E     B7 E 
E     A E 

verse 1 
E                    A  E 
She was a fan of the As 
E           B7 E 
allergic to Bs 
E                A E 
she traveled the Cs 
E                   B7  E 
had a lovely pair of Ds 

verse 2 
E            A  E 
met her with Es 
E                B7  E 
convinced her to F 
E             A  E 
then she said G Stevie 
E            B7  E 
I got a head-H 

verse 3 
E                 A  E 
I looked into her Is 
E                  B7  E 
rolled a couple of Js 
E                  A  E 
and when we felt o-K 
E                         B7  E 
well we both said what the L 

verse 4 
E                 A  E 
Started screaming Mmmm 
E                          B7  E 
Baby I'm a burnin' at both Ns 
E                  A  E 
I gave her the big O 
E                      B7  E 
and wound up with her, Ps 

Verse 5 
E                      A  E 
Sometimes you miss your Q 
E                            B7  E 
and you don't know where you R 
E                         A  E 
Don't even know if your riS 
E                        B7  E 
When your tainted by the Ts 

Verse 6 
E              A  E 
Then I let her Us 
E                    B7  E 
all the credit on my Vs-a 
E                A  E 
Must be seen and W 
E               B7  E 
remind me of my X 

Verse 7 
E                     A  E 
I guess that explains Y 
E                                  B7  E 
I want to roll over and catch some Zs 
E                                  A  E 
I want to roll over and catch some Zs 
E                                  B7  E 
I want to roll over and catch some Zs 

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