Steve Martin

Grandmother's Song

Steve Martin

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Grandmother's Song

C                        G 
Be courteous, kind, and forgiving 
G7                       C 
Be gentle and peaceful each day 
C7                   F 
Be warm and human and grateful 
G                    C 
And have a good thing to say 
C                                 G 
Be thoughtful and trustful and optimistic 
G7                   C 
Be witty and happy and wise 
C7                              F 
Be honest and love all your neighbors 
G                              C 
Live in a swamp and be three dimension 
C                                 G 
Be obsequious, purple and clairvoyant 

C                G 
Be sure to stop at stop signs 
G7               C 
And drive fifty-five miles an hour 
C7                   F 
Pick up hitchhikers foaming at the mouth 
G                       C 
And when you get home get a master's degree in geology  

G7                          C 
Be pompous, obtuse  and eat cactus 
C7                          F 
Be dull and boring and omnipresent 
G                           C 
Look forward to things  you don't know about 
C7                          F 
Put a live chicken in your underwear 
G                            C 
Get all excited and go to a yawning festival 

              C                  G 
(Ladies only) Never make love to Bigfoot 
            G7             C 
(Men only) Hello, my name is Bigfoot 
           C7                         F 
(Everyone) Put a live chicken in your underwear 
G                     C 
Go into a closet and suck eggs 

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