Steve Holy

Brand New Girlfriend

Steve Holy

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Brand New Girlfriend

A              D                   Eb dim7    Em 
  She said, "I need sometime to find myself, 
I need a little space to think. 
      D               D/Db   Bm        A  
Maybe we should start seeing other people. 
      E7                                A  
Baby, things are moving way to fast for me." 
         D                             Eb dim7 
So, I, I picked up what was left of my pride, 
      Em                Gm 
And I put on my walking shoes, 
      D      D/Db    Bm        A 
And I got up on that high road, 
      G            A               D 
And I did what any gentleman would do.. 

I, um... 

G I got a brand new girlfriend. D We went and jumped off the deep end, A Flew out to LA for the weekend, D stop Spent the whole day, lyin' on the beach, Wearin' nothin' but a smile, Playin' kissy-kissy, smoochy-smoochy, G Talkin' mooshy-mooshy bout nothin'. D Man, I think I'm on to somethin', A You know, I feel just like a kid again. D stop I got a brand new girlfriend.
VERSE: A I love it when she calls me buttercup, D She laughs and says I left the toilet seat up, A She pops a top for me a cold beer, D and says my buddies always welcome here. B When I get hungry, she takes me out. E I'm riding the shotgun like a shitzu hound. A My tails a waggin', my tongues hangin' out, D stop D D It makes me wanna shout... Chorus: LEAD: G D wooo... cute, cute, cute... G D BRIDGE: A G G# A she likes to write our names in the sand. A G G# A she's hearing wedding bells and making plans. A G G# A she's going to hang around a while i guess. A stop she hasn't even told me she loves me yet. Chorus: TURN AROUND: A stop She makes me feel just like a kid again, Eb D I gotta brand new girlfriend.

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