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All Too Soon Chords

Stacey Kent

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All Too Soon

(Carl Sigman and Duke Ellington)

  		Intro: A7M F#m7 D7/9 E7/13 

 A      F#m  D9        E7/13 
All too soon we had to part 
A          F#7      D9        Dm6 
The moment you had touched my heart 
A   E7/13    C#m5-/7    F#m7 
And with you went my dream 
E7  D9   A    F#7  B7   F7   E7 
All too soon. 
 A      F#m   D7/9        E7/13 
All too sweet was our affair 
     A        F#7        D7/9          Dm6 
And you put all the sweetness there 
A      E7/13  C#m5-/7    F#m7 
What a shame that it's gone 
E7   D9   A 
All too soon. 
A  A9   A    A7    A     A7/13 
I knew the strange de - lights 
          D9              Bm5-/7         A 
That only you and love could bring, 
   C#m5-/7       F#7         Bm7 
And  as  I reached the heights 
F#7  B7             Cdim          E7    
The bottom fell from ev'rything. 
A          F#m  D7/9          E7/13 
You should know   as well as  I 
A            A7      D7/9  D6 Dm6 
Our love deserves  another try 
A        F#7      Bm7       F7 
For we whispered  goodbye 
E7  D9   A   F#m  D9 Dm6  Fdim A D7/9 Dm6 A7M 
All too soon,             too soon 

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