Sonny James


Sonny James

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Gm                  C 
Lonely Silver Dove..sweet Apache maid. 
Gm                  C 
Lonely Silver Dove..sweet Apache maid. 

Gm         C             Gm 
Alone, all alone, by the campfire..she  
Gm7            C           Gm 
dreamed of her love, her delight. 
C          F           Gm           Gm7 
Away, far away, on the prairie..her love,  
       C                Gm     
Golden Hawk, shared the night. 

(INTERLUDE:) D# Gm D# Gm  

D#           F              A#                Gm  Gm7 
Sometimes at night with the moon he would come.. 
D#             F            A#     A#7 
sweet were the moments they shared. 
D#           F           A#               Gm Gm7 
But with the dawn he was gone with the sun. 

(INTERLUDE:) D# Gm D# Gm  

Gm            C             Gm         Gm7 
A smoke sign arose from the prairie..a breeze  
         C            Gm 
sighed a sad mournful song. 
    C            F          Gm          Gm7 
The brave Golden Hawk had departed..had gone to  
     C            Gm 
that Great, Great Beyond. 

D#           F                  A#          Gm  Gm7 
Sometimes at night when there's rain in the sky.. 
D#            F          A#   A#7 
she hears her love high above. 
D#         F       A#            Gm    
He and his pony go thundering by.. 

OUTRO:  D# Gm D# Gm  

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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