Sonic Youth

100 Percent

Sonic Youth

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100 Percent

Capo on 2nd fret

D  A  Cadd9 G 
I can never forget you 
D   A       Cadd9    G 
The way you rock the girls 
D             A    Cadd9     G 
They rule the world and love you 
D       A      Cadd9 G 
A blast in the underworld 

D         A     Cadd9  G 
I stick a knife in my head 
D    A   Cadd9      G 
Thinkin' about your eyes 
D       A    Cadd9       G 
But now that you've been shot dead 
D    A     Cadd9   G 
I've got a new surprise 

D         A           Cadd9       G 
I've been waiting for you just to say 
D           A       Cadd9  G 
That Zoftig chick is mine 
D         A       Cadd9      G 
But all I know is you got no money 
D              A          Cadd9     G 
But that's got nothing to do with a good time 

D   A      Cadd9    G   D   A        Cadd9  G 
Can you forgive the boy who shot you in the head? 
D           A     Cadd9  G       D  A   Cadd9  G   
Or should I go and get a gun and go and get revenge? 
D    A        Cadd9          G 
100 percent of my love up to you, true star 
D            A      Cadd9     G 
It's hard to believe you took off 
D        A       Cadd9    G 
I always thought you'd go far 

D         A          Cadd9           G 
I've been around the world a million times 
D   A       Cadd9   G 
And all you men are slime 
D        A        Cadd9         G 
A gun to my head, goodbye, I am dead 
D          A            Cadd9    G 
Wastewood rockers, it's time for crime, hey! 

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