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Capo on 1st fret

Em                     Bm                               C 
      She hung up the phone and I said "Fuck you it's over" 
G                           Em 
      Sorry but this is the end 
              Bm                              C 
I said "Don't trip it was just a harmless sleepover" 
G                                 Em 
       See, we're just was making friends 
                Bm                                    C 
She said "then what were you doing there in 4 in the morning?" 
G                            Em 
       You told me you were at home 
Bm                             C 
I started with "darling please listen" 
G                              Em 
        And then I picked up my phone, yeah 
Bm                    C 
I told my story in REVERSE 'cause it hurts 
G                               Em 
       Girl it hurts too much to bare 
                        Bm              C 
But I'm tantalized by their legs & long hair 
G                        Em 
     But if I could do it again 
I would do it again! 
If I could do it again 
I would do it again! 
If I could do it again 
Probably do it again! 
Could I get a DO-OVER?! 
G           Em 
Babyy, ooh oh 

Hey, ooh oh 

I plugged my phone in as I backed out the driveway, 
Then I started my car 
Slipped out the door after I crept through her hallway 
She left it slightly ajar, yeah 
Threw on my kicks my socks my jeans and my t-shirt 
Then threw my HAT on my head 
I did it quiet so that I wouldn't wake her 
Woke up in another girl's bed,  

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