Soccer Mommy

August 28 2015 Chords

Soccer Mommy

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by renejunior

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August 28 2015

Em D C (x2) 
Em G G/B C (x2) 

Verse: 1 
I woke up at three AM 
G                 G/B 
Tears were laying in my bed 
Like you used to 
So I drove for a half an hour 
    G               G/B 
To sleep outside of your friend's house 
In my car to be where you are 

Interlude: Em G/B C (x2) 

Verse: 2 
I was there the night before 
G             G/B 
Puking out of my car door 
And you gave me a mixtape that you made 
Each song was a memory 
  G                 G/B 
A day that you had spent with me 
  C         D    B/D# 
I cried all night 

G D/F# Em D C D B/D# Nothing's ever hurt like this I swear G D/F# Em D C D B/D# Broken bones and scraped up knees could not compare G D Em D C D B/D# I'll never be next to you but I memorized the feel G D/F# Em D C D B/D# Nothing's ever hurt like this but at least it was real
Outro Em G G/B C D B/D# (x2) Em

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