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Dont Wanna Be Grant Mclennon Chords


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by %2D+kepler+%2D

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Dont Wanna Be Grant Mclennon

	  Intro: G, D, G, Em 
D              G 
just wanna be myself 
      Em                       D      G/D 
but it all sounds like someone else 
D                      G 
here´s a great song I wrote 
so good it doesn´t rhyme 
A                      G 
wanna be like R.F. or ... 
but the songs I write in the middle of the night 
they sound like Grant Mc Lennan 
I don´t want be Grant Mc Lennan 
G                               Em                            G, A, D, B 
Paul Mc Carthney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and John Lennon 


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