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Cool World

	  Tabbed by Daniel Worboys 
Your world is as cold as ice, your world is nice 
                     A               E 
But you don't want me around 
Your world is a barren place, that look upon your face 
                       A              E 
Says you don't want me around 

                         A           E 
And I break into your, cool world 
                          B           E 
Breaking through your, cool world 
                           A         A/G#  F#m    E 
And I'll break into your cool, cool, cool world 
In your world there are no regrets, your goals have all been set 
There are no more to be found 
Your world is so controlled, you will not be told 
No you don't hear a sound 
It might break into your cool world 
Break into your cool world 
And I'll break into your cool, cool, cool world 
Somewhere way down deep inside 
A                              E 
Passion bursts it's pride and walls are shaking 
C#m                                                        E           A 
In the tunnel, deep and wide, our two worlds colide, if I have not mistaken 
Cool and calm your world may be but why do you believe 
That you don't want me around 
Well, I can touch you anyway that you'll cease to say 
That you don't want me around 
Repeat Chorus x 2 
Cause your so, your so so cool 
In a such a cool cool world, break in, break in 

Repeat Chorus x 2 
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