He Is Faithful


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He Is Faithful

Intro: G  Em  C 

Verse 1:
G								    Em 
In the light of Your Son, I find it's not what I've done 
For You have overcome 
G                      					         Em 
Grace I couldn't afford, Your love has opened the door 
Now my hope is secure 

Verse 2:  

G                                                           Em 
In the light of the dawn, my praise will go on 
Forever You'll be my song 
G                                                             Em 
Love I couldn't deny, you have opened my eyes 
Brought me into Your light 

Am C G You are faithful, always faithful to me D You're faithful to me Am C G As surely as the morning sun will rise, D You're faithful to me
Verse 1 Chorus Bridge Am C G Though my strength is weak still You are strong D You're faithful to me Am C G All Your ways are true You fail me not D You're faithful to me Am In the morning, You are faithful! C In the evening, You are faithful! G In the noonday, You are faithful to me! Chorus

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