Simon & Garfunkel


Simon & Garfunkel

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Intro: Dmaj7 

verse 1: Paul Simon 
               Ebdim7        Em7     Dmaj7 
Why don't we stop fooling ourselves? 
            D6    Dsus4  Em7 
The game is over, over, over 
   G         Gm  Gm6 
No good times, 
D  F#m Bm 
no bad times 
        G  F#m      Bm 
There's no times at all 
         Em             Esus2 
Just The New York Times 
D F#/C# Am6/C 
        Bm7    G 
Sitting on the windowsill 
Near the flowers 
Gm A A7 Dmaj7 

verse 2: Paul Simon 
           F#dim7   Em7   Dmaj7 
We might as well be apart 
It hardly matters 
   Dsus4         Em7 F#m7 G 
We sleep separately 
          Gm Gm6 D       F#m    Bm 
And drop a smile passing in the hall 
            G  F#m    Bm 
But there's no laughs left 
          Em               Esus2 
'Cause we laughed them all 
D F#/C# Am6/C 
       Bm7          Em7 
And we laughed them all 
In a very short time 

Bridge: Art Garfunkel 
Is tapping on my forehead 
E9              Dmaj7 
Hanging from my mirror 
E9           F#m 
Rattling the teacups 
      Em Gm  Dmaj7 
And I wonder 

verse 3: Paul Simon 
       Ebdim7    Em7  Dmaj7 
How long can I delay? 
We're just a habit 
     Dsus4     Em7 F#7 G 
Like saccharin 
           C9      D       F#m   Bm 
And I'm habitually feelin' kinda blue 
    G    F#m    Bm  D      E9 
But each time I try on the thought of leaving you 
I stop... 
Stop and think it over 

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