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Cry Chords

Silence 4

Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by Marujo

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Intro - Bm G Em F 
Bm G Em F  
Bm G 
And then she said 
Em F 
What's that on your eyes 
Bm G Em F 
She touched me. Yes I was crying. 
C D Am Am Bm1 Am 
For many years I've tried 
C D Am Am Bm1 Am  
but now I'm to tired to hide. 
G# A F# G# A F# 
No reason why. Just need to cry. 
Bm G 
And then she said 
Em F 
I'm sorry I asked. 
Bm G Em F 
She kissed me and took this pain of my chest. 
C D Am Am Bm1 Am  
Each tear that fell down  
C D Am Am Bm1 Am 
vanished in the ground. 
G# A F# G# A F# G A G Riff1 
No need to dry, just need to cry. 
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E|------------------------------------------------- B|-3-------2h3p2-0----0-------3-------5------7----- G|---2-------------2----0-------2-------4------6-7- D|-----0------------------0-------0-------0-------- A|---------0--------------------------------------- E|-2------------------3-------2-------4------6-----
Outro - Bm G Em F

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