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Sweet Potato Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by lucicamargo

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Sweet Potato

Intro: Am  G  Am  G 
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E|------------11--------9-|------------11--------9-|---------9-------7-|---------9-------7-| B|----------9----9----9---|----------9----9----9---|-------7---7---7---|-------7---7---7---| G|-11-11-11--------11-----|-11-11-11--------11-----|-8-8-8-------8-----|-8-8-8-------8-----| D|------------------------|------------------------|-------------------|-------------------| A|------------------------|------------------------|-------------------|-------------------| E|------------------------|------------------------|-------------------|-------------------|
Am She cooks you sweet potato, you don't like aubergine G She knows to boil the kettle when you hum bars from Grease Am She senses you are lonely but still she can't be sure G And so she stands and waits, stands anticipating C7M Em A# D (your thoughts) How can she become the psychic that she longs to be to understand you C7M Em A# D How can she become the psychic that she longs to be to understand you Am He brushes thoroughly, he know she likes fresh breath G He rushes to the station, he waits atop the steps Am He's brought with him a Mars bar, she will not buy Nestle G And later he'll perform a love lorn serenade, a trade C7M Em A# D How can he become the psychic that he longs to be to understand you C7M Em A# D How can he become the psychic that he longs to be to understand you Am So give her information to help her fill the holes G Give an ounce of power so he does not feel controlled Am Help her to acknowledge the pain that you are in G C Give to him a glimpse of that beneath your skin F Em D C And now my inner dialog is heaving with detest Am Bm C D I am a martyr and a victim and I need to be caressed F Em D C I hate that you negate me, I'm a ghost at beck and call Am Bm C D I'm failing and placating, I berate myself for staying F Em D C Am Bm C7M Em A# D C7M Em A# D I'm a fool, I'm a fool
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E|---------4-|-----------|---------2-|---------2-| B|-0-0-4-4---|-----0-0-4-|-----2-2---|-----2-2---| G|-----------|-1-1-------|-2-2-------|-----------| D|-----------|-----------|-----------|-4-4-------| A|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------| E|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
Am He greets the stranger meekly, a thing that she accepts G She sees him waiting often with chocolate on the steps Am He senses she is lonely, she's glad they finally met G They take each other's hands walk into the sunset C Do you like sweet potatoes?

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