Sunday in the South


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Sunday in the South

For each G (320033) in the verse, hammer on the A note (300233) 
For each C2 (X32033) in the verse, hammer on the A note (X30233) 
Millworker houses lined up in a row 
Another southern Sunday's morning glow 
Beneath the steeple all the people have begun 
Shakin hands with the man who grips the gospel gun 
While the quiet prayer 
The smell of dinner on the ground 
Fills up the mornin air 
             Em      D 
ain't nothin sweeter around 
D (slow strum) 
I can almost hear my momma pray 
Oh Lord forgive us, when we doubt 
another sacred Sunday in the South 
Verse 2 
continue with same chords as Verse 1 
A ragged rebel flag flies high above it all 
poppin in the wind like an angry cannon ball 
Now the coals of history are cold and still 
but they still smell the powder burning and they probably always will 
and on the old town square under the barber shop pole 
they set me up in the chair 
when I was 4-years old 
I cannot almost hear my papa say 
Chorus 2 
want you hold still son stop squirmin around 
another southern Sunday's comin' 'round 
C2   | D   |  C2   |   Em  D 
I can almost hear the old folks say 
you'll make it big one day and leave this town 
it's another lazy Sunday, back around 
G    |  G   |  C2   |  C2 
      G strum and hold 
I can feel the evenin' sun go down 
            C2 strum and hold 
and all the lights in the houses one by one go out 
softly in the distance nothin' stirs about 
        C2 strum once 
and the night is filled 
                    C2 strum once 
with the sound of a whipperwhill 
C2 slow strum 
on a sunday in the south allright 
repeat intro until end 
just another Sunday (just another Sunday in the south) 
Oh, another sacred Sunday in the south 
just another sunday (how I miss those old sweet Sunday's in the south) 
another sacred Sunday (I can hear my momma callin' in the south, allright) 
just another Sunday (ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) 
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Riff used when moving from C2 to G C2 C2 C/G G + + + + + + + + e:-3-----3-------------------|-3-------------------------| B:-3-----3-------------------|-3-------------------------| G:-0-----0---------0h2-0-----|-0-------------------------| D:-2-----2-----0h2------ 2p0-|-0-------------------------| A:-3-----3-------------------|-3-------------------------| E:-x-----x-------------------|-3-------------------------|

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