Shawn Mcdonald

Without You

Shawn Mcdonald

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Without You

	  		{VERSE 1} 
G         D/F#     Em7     D/F# 
And sometimes a man 
G         D/F#              Em7         D/F# 
Would ask everything and take it away 
G         D/F#     Em7     D/F# 
Before he realizes 
G         D/F#               Em7       D/F# 
Just how good he?s got it made 
G         D/F#     Em7     D/F# 
And please thankful 
G            D/F#                    Em7                   D/F# 
Of what you got cause if your not it just might pass you on by 
G            D/F#                    Em7                   D/F# 
And you will find yourself standin? there 
G         D/F#             Em7            D/F# 
Oh, asking the question: ?why?? 


C2              D  
And what would I do 
G       D/F#      Em7 
If I did not have you 
C2               D 
And what would I say 
G          D/F#        Em7 
If I had no one to say it to 
Yes, I would be 
D                  G 
Oh, lonely, without you 

{VERSE 2} 
Same as verse 1 

And I don?t know how long I?ll be around 
I?m travelin? from town to town 
And let me take a moment and release 
Just how I feel inside 
And all my friends it?s been rough 
Oh, and I love you all so 
And no matter where I go 
It?s in my heart, I?ll hold you close 


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