Shawn Mcdonald

We Are Brave

Shawn Mcdonald

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We Are Brave



?We are brave? 

Am  F 

verse 1: 

We might bend or even break 
F                                       C 
The journey?s long, but we will celebrate 
                          G     Em 
When we get through the fight 
We?re not defined by the fall 
F                                           C 
We get back up keep pressing through these walls 
It?s worth the fight 

Em Am And we say hey, when we go through the fire F C Heart in Him in love will be okay, hey G When we walk across the wire, we won?t back down Em Am F ?Cause we are brave; we are brave
verse 2: Am And even though we might be afraid F To place it all on the line; we won?t hesitate C G Em We?ve come too far Am So let the blaze keep growing higher F It?s in the flames that we shine brighter C Standing tall through it all G Em ?Cause we are the fighters Repeat Chorus C We are brave G ?Cause we are brave Bridge: F We got style; we got grace and we walk in both G We got heart for our lives that are made out of gold F G Em We're alive, we?re alive and we keep on moving, moving Repeat Bridge Interlude: Am F C G Repeat Chorus (2x) Coda: C ?Cause we are brave G ?Cause we are brave Am ?Cause we are brave

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