Shane & Shane

Psalm 139 Far Too Wonderful

Shane & Shane

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Psalm 139 Far Too Wonderful

Intro: Bm G D A 

verse 1: 

Bm             G           D    A 
 You wrote the story of my life 
Bm        G               D   A 
 You go before you fall behind 
Bm        G                 D   
 Before a breathe beyond my death 
         A                G       A      D    
You are with me on the way to everlasting 
G D I can't run and I can't hide Bm A Even darkness is a light G D From the lowest place to the highest praise Bm A You are wor - thy G D Amazing love, how can it be Bm A Far too wonderful for me G D There's only one left to say Bm A You are wor - thy
Interlude: Bm G D A Ooooh, ooooh verse 2: Bm G D A Search me God and know my heart Bm G D A Try me, know my anxious thoughts Bm G D Find the wickedness in me A G D A And lead me in the way, everlasting Chorus Bridge: (x2) Bm G You formed in my mother's womb D A D You know my frame, my flesh and bone A I'm wonderfully made Bm G I can't describe it's way too high D A You see me through and through D And call me loved A What a wonderful grace Outro: Bm G D A Oooooh, oooooh

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