Seven Mary Three


Seven Mary Three

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	  		Intro:  G  B*  A* (play 2 times)  
           G        B*         A*  
There's a tall, mulatto, boy I know  
        G              B*         A*  
And he comes to every party - he stands alone.  
    G                           B*                  A*      
In viewing them the rest, the 'corner of his glance, it gets so clear  
     G         B*      A*  C*  C*  
He's not, judging anyone.  
G                B*                A*  
The way his arms float around his cage, he's caged  
        G                     B*    A*  
Canary sings, silently brings, his voice to rage.  
    G                            B*                    
The way they stop and stare, the way they turn their  
    heads, it's enough to make him want to run away,   
       G          B*        A*       C*  C*  
But he stays, he stands his ground.  
G            D        C*  
And I'm, I'm so damn lame.  
    G                     Em*      C*  
The way I condescend without ever knowing his name.  
    G                 D        
He keeps it in a box, hangs it from his ear  
    Looks at everyone without the slightest fear.  
G             Em*      C*  
It's makin' me    so ashamed.    
G  B*  A* (play 2 times)  
        G             B*         A*  
Slender body, slip through his glance.  
     G        B*            A*  
I don't give it a single chance.  
The way he's rocking back and forth,   
makes a buzzin' in my ear,  
Constantly reminding me that I never stop to hear  
G         B*      A*  C*  C*  
him say hello, hello.  
(Chorus 2)  
    G         D       A*  
And I'm, I'm so damn lame.  
        G              Em*           A*  
Like a moth bumpin' off his godless flame.  
   G                    D               C*  
I cannot condescend or even apprehend, what comes over me  
      G         Em*       C*  
When I see his shameless face.  
    Em*         B       A*       C*  
So rage, please rage, against me  
         Em*          B     A*         C*  
Beat me down, beat me down,  forgive me,  
               Em*         B            A*           C*  
For what I've done, I'm so lame, I'm so lame, I'm so lame  
  Em*     B        A*  C*  Em*  
So lame, so  lame, so       lame.  


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