Dont You Know Youre Beautiful


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Dont You Know Youre Beautiful

	  		(intro 2x) Eb F# C# Abm 

                     Eb   F# 
Verse: Don't you remember 
          C#                   Abm 
You were happy when you were younger 
                 Eb    F# 
Things were so simple yeah 
          C#                          Abm 
'Til the day you walked out on your mother 
But now you blame yourself 
Because you're by yourself 
     C#                          Abm 
You feel like it's not gonna to change 
              Eb                          F# 
You're crying on the floor cause you can take no more 
  C#                   Abm 
Looking for a way to escape 
                 B                    F# 
Pre-Chorus: And all this time saying you were fine 
       C#              Abm 
And everyone still to blame 
Well there you are 
You and your broken heart 
       C#                   Abm 
It's written all over your face 

Chorus: And Don't you know 
       F#                      C#     Abm 
Don't you know that you're beautiful yeah 
And Don't you know 
       F#                      C# 
Don't you know that you're beautiful 

                        Eb     F# 
2nd Verse: I see you laughing 
       C#                       Abm 
But I know inside that you're crying 
                     Eb                         B 
Just tell me what happened when things went wrong 
       C#                     Abm 
We'll try to make sense of it all 
Please don't blame yourself 
Cause you're not by yourself 
 C#                       Abm 
I've been right here all along 
Don't have to be alone 
Because you've always known 
      C#                   Abm 
Wherever your heart is my home 

(Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus) 

 B         F#           C#        C# 
Can't you see what you mean to me     (2x) 

(interlúdio 2x) B F# C# C# 


( Eb  F#  C#  Abm ) 

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